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Spring Has Sprung

Happy first day of spring everyone! We are so excited for the warmer weather, outdoor activities and of course, the influx of real estate inventory that spring brings.

We are currently on “bloom watch” status, patiently waiting for the seasons’ biggest attraction to unfold. The Japanese cherry blossoms are predicted to bloom this week (I’m curious to see how the snow last week will effect this timeline)! Hopefully we can catch a glimpse of them this weekend, but in the meantime, the creators of the Christmas Bar in DC have created The Cherry Blossom Pub. This whimsical establishment features three bar areas with three separate themes – a cherry blossom theme with beautiful cherry blossoms hanging throughout, a Super Mario World theme with characters from the game and theme music playing in the background, and a King Koopa room dedicated to Super Mario World’s biggest villain. How cool right?!? Address is: 1841 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Cherry blossom bar 2Super Mario Bar

Photo Credit 1  & 2

For all of the home buyers out there, we know, the struggle is real with low inventory and high competition. But, don’t lose hope! Last week, with our tough-girl negotiating hats on, we ratified (when all parties agree to the terms of the contract so we are officially under contract) two contracts for our happy clients. So, with the right strategy in place, you too can get your dream home, even in a seller’s market with multiple offer situations. Later this week, we’ll have a blog post precisely dedicated to this topic :).


In the next couple of weeks, we should be seeing more inventory come on the market, so all can keep calm :). As always, if you have any questions about the housing market, send us a message! When we aren’t blogging or selling real estate, we are thinking, daydreaming or talking about real estate so you won’t be bugging us at all!

Talk soon,


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