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Looking For a Good Contractor?

The time has finally come to post our contractor recommendations! We’ve heard from so many of you requesting good contractors at reasonable prices. These are referred to us through clients, and are in no way affiliated with our business.  As you’ll see below we are featuring one of our favorite families -The Babb’s home. They are an incredible family whom we feel truly blessed to have worked with -Love you Babb’s!! I have to throw it out there that they have an incredible eye for design, right?! One of our reasons for using the Babb’s home instead of a HGTV image in this blog is that they are real people working on a budget, but have this amazing ability to use texture, accessories, and design to bring their vision to life. I also love that they take risk, which makes their home unique and exciting. Seeing the finished product of their hard work makes this process look easy, but let me be the first to say it can be emotional, expensive, stressful, and frustrating. I urge everyone to read our previous post The Four Factor Process to Renovations if you are considering taking on a renovation.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need advise, encouragement, or a contact. We are here to help! Coming up next on the blog will be our favorite wholesale design centers and shops.



Company: All Outdoor Services

Contact: Mike Hartzell

Interior Renovations



044_4112_36TH_STREET_S_193581_235627.jpgCompany: LS Remodeling LLC 

Contact: Luis


Egress Window

Company: JS Jackson Construction

Contact: Kevin Jackson


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