Cheers to Summer !


wine-791133_1920.jpgBecause we aren’t just business partners but also best friends, Ally and I make it a point to live by the work hard, play hard mentality. When we aren’t helping our clients buy and sell homes we are most likely enjoying a glass of wine at one of our favorite local hang outs. In the spirit of our favorite season (summer!)  we thought we’d share some of our go to spot’s and favorite drinks…..Cheers!

I have to say one of my go to’s has to be Blackwall Hitch in Old Town. Its waterfront location, refreshing drinks, and amazing decor attracts a lot of summer time dwellers. We also love that they feature live music, and have probably one of the best Sunday brunch deals around. Aside from the rosé, our favorite summer cocktail is the Grapefruit Crush. It has fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with vodka, which has the best combination of fresh, fruity, and sweet combined.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Rose Garden at Whaley’s 

If you haven’t hung out at the Yard’s, we highly recommend it! It literally has something for everyone. Adjacent to Nat’s Park there is shopping, great restaurants, and oh yea- A Rosé Garden from heaven! Ally and I stumbled across this amazing location after an incredibly hot Nat’s loss. Defeated and thirsty we thought it was a mirage, but sure enough it’s real! This idealic waterfront setting is literally out of a dream- oh and it’s connected to the recently opened Whaley’s, an incredible seafood restaurant. Seafood and Rosé- Yes Please!

9215B1C2-288F-4AF9-86A2-C56FEFE6F0F6 (1).jpg

Now if your someone who hunts a happy hour deal? The best value in town has to be-Palette 22 in Shirlington. A small plate fusion restaurant who switches up the menu constantly, you can sample different plates all for a steal of $2. For that price, it’s really easy to try the new and unique dishes, but not fully commit to just one choice.  As for the drinks-an amazing array of custom cocktails, and an extensive beer menu. I find this a great middle ground for my sport bar loving husband, but has options for someone like me who doesn’t really drink beer. My go to summer favorite is the “Impressionism,” light refreshing, and powerful- the way all good drinks should be.

pallette.jpgA new favorite find for our summer cocktail has landed in Del Ray at the Live Oak Restaurant. Full disclosure this is about 3 minutes from our office so pretty convenient as watering holes go-but it’s become our new go to. The whitty bartender (Will Witherow) who is here regularly serving the locals has a real love of custom cocktails and provides not only great drinks, but also great conversation. Live Oak has a southern vibe, laid back and cool. It’s not the kind of bar you feel rushed in and out of like so many here in the DMV. They have a large assortment of beer, wine, and cocktails including a lovely Rosé for summer. When I need something a little stronger (did I mention real estate can be stressful??), I go for the “Tito’s on Tap.”  Although I may be a pretty easy to please customer, this drink is so different, and so interesting, it’s a must try if you stop in. It’s created in house, and is bursting with flavor, but also very refreshing for summer. Stop by and tell Will we said hello! Or better yet we will meet you there!!


Hope this summer proves relaxing and refreshing for all of you, Cheers!


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