No-Mess Fall Decor

Though you wouldn’t know it from the weather, fall is here and halloween is just a few weeks away, crazy I know! We wanted to show you how we decorate for the season in a fun, easy and mess-free way!

As a kid I loved to carve pumpkins, but cleaning up the mess after wasn’t so fun. This year I decided to go for a more practical, but stylish option. I found these craft pumpkins at Michaels that can easily be decorated with paint, permanent markers or just styled as is.

White Pumpkin

I opted for these gold paint pens by Craft Smart to decorate my pumpkins. They leave a beautiful shimmer on the pumpkins, which I also purchased from Michaels.

Craftsman pen

I used Microsoft Word to print off a letter L (my last name initial) in the font “Savoye LET,” but you can choose any design – check out Pinterest for inspiration! I then carefully cut out the letter and taped it to the pumpkin then outlined the letter in pencil.

L pumpkin

After that I ripped the letter off, filled in the L with my pretty gold marker and voila! A chic and mess free fall/halloween decoration that will last year after year!

Gold L Pumpkin

On Pinterest, I found other ideas for a mess free pumpkin decoration. Check them out below for inspiration! Have fun!


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